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To take part in the tournaments:
1. Find a tournament who you want to play in, in the schedule
2. A special tournament room opens up 30 minutes before the tournament starts and closes 15 minutes after the end of the tournament
3. If you do not see it, refresh the ludi.com page
4. Once in the room, click the 'PARTICIPATE' button before the tournament starts
5. For tournaments played in team, you can create a team by joining your partner at his team table
6. When the tournament starts , the server creates tables, sits you automatically and starts the games. The only thing that you have to do is playing.
7. If you missed the beginning of the tournament, you can still take part in, but you will have to wait for the next game.

1. If you have started the tournament do not click on the button 'GIVE UP' except if you really want to retire from this tournament. 2. If you need to stop playing for a while, or if you have a problem, use the 'LEAVE ROOM' button . When you come back, the server will give you back your seat in the tournament.

1. The results are displayed in real time in the tournament room
2. The finsished tournaments results are available on the Results page.
3. Points are awarded for the monthly rankings according to the following rules:
- the number of places giving points is X = (number of participants) / 5, rounded to the next whole number
- for the winner: X points, + 1 point of bonus for the victory
- for the second: x-1
- for the third: x-2
- and so on…
E.g.: for a tournament with 23 players, X = 5:
Winner = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point
4. The monthly rankings are calculated as the sum of the 15 first best tournaments + 10% of the 10 second best tournaments.

1. Some tournaments offer prizes to the winners. They are indicated in the column 'Prize' below.
2. In addition, the monthly winners of each category receive 31 days of free subscription. 2nd and 3rd receive 14 days.
3. You may not enter in a tournament with prize if you have already played in another one less than 45 minutes ago.

Anti-cheat measures:
1. It is not possible to switch to an other application while you are playing (so you may not use a messenger to communicate with your teammate for example)
2. The games are recorded and are freely available to search for cheating patterns
3. Cheaters will be excluded from the tournaments

Code of conduct:
All accusations must be directed to us via the FAQ article.
Players found to be in violation of the above code of conduct may have their access to chat or tournaments suspended.