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Technical support

This section answers you questions about the Ludi plug-in and Play rooms.
To play Ludi games online you need to download a small plug-in (less than 1MB)

Our plug-in is Certified safe by McAfee Site Advisor Antivirus McAfee Valid
Our plug-in is guaranteed spyware and virus free.

Downloading and installing the plug-in is simple and takes only a few seconds Please click on the image below and follow the three simple installation steps
Telecharger LudiPlugin
Your questions about the games
Problem with a game ? - Find the answer here !

Technical support
Error "This program has stopped responding" under Windows Vista
You need to deactivate the DEP protection
1. Click Start
2. Click All Programs
3. Click Accessories
4. Right Click on Command Prompt
5. Left click on Run as Administrator
6. Type or copy and paste this into the command prompt window
bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
7. Hit enter and you should see the confirmation: Operation Completed Successfully
8. Reboot and DEP should be off

I click on "Play", but nothing happens
The Plug-in is not installed on your computer - click here and follow the instructions.

I've downloaded the plug-in - but nothing happens when I click "Play"
You've probably chosen 'Save' Instead of 'Run' when you downloaded the plug-in
Try again - here and follow the instructions

The plug-in hangs during the installation, nothing happens
This is very rare - and can be caused by components already in use on your computer. it is worth retrying the installation several times - re-booting after each attempt.

I get the message "This application is already open"
You closed the game room, but the program is still in your computer's memory.

There are two ways to solve this 1) reboot the machine or 2) Press Ctrl-alt-del to start task manager, Click on the game name e.g.. LudiPool.exe and press 'end task'.

The Game seems slow
Many factors can influence the apparent speed of the game.
Other players may be slower (or faster) than you.
Your own connection (especially wireless connections) can have 'holes' of several seconds.

If a player does not respond to the server they are quickly disconnected.
The server tests the connection to each player every 10 seconds - normally the response time (aka. ping) is instantaneous.

If a player does not respond within 60 seconds, it is likely he has suffered some form of connection loss

In this case the server announces the player to have left the room, the game may then continue.

I am disconnected in Tournaments but never in the normal rooms.
Your 'ping' time is too high - a normal ping time is about 200ms - if a player's ping time is more then 2000ms they are disconnected from the tournament. The ping time is the length of time taken for a response to travel to and from the server.

This 'ping' time is the time added to each of your game actions, which if it is too high can add considerable time to a game.

How can I improve my 'ping' time ?
The first thing is to stop any downloads, or anything else that takes bandwidth.
If you have a wireless router, ensure you have a high and consistent signal strength.
If possible connect via cable to your router for a more reliable connection.
Remember other members of your household may be using a lot of bandwidth - even if you are not !
Ensure you have the latest drivers and firmware installed for your router.
If problems persist - contact your ISP

How do I measure my 'ping' time ?
Choose 'Start','Run' type in CMD and press enter, In the black window type Ping www.ludi.com
You will see a series of messages with a time in Milliseconds

If you see 'host not found' (or similar) there may me a problem with your Internet connection.
If you are unable to establish a connection with Ludi - it's possible you will need to configure your Firewall.

You may have a hardware firewall built in to your router - Consult your routers instructions.

You may also have a software firewall such as Windows Firewall, NORTON, Kaspersky, ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm, McAfee, BitDefender, Panda, Black ICE, Trend Micro PC-cillin, Sygate, Kerio Winroute, Tiny, Primedius, Outpost, Omniquad, F-Secure, BullGuard, Securepoint, Xelios, Look'n'Stop, Netbarrier, Deerfield, Atguard, Steganos.

It's impossible to give specific instructions for every firewall - but in general - you need to create a 'rule' to 'allow' access to...

Ports: 2299 to 2350 - TCP protocol
Some firewalls allow you to configure access by .exe file - the lode game files are located in c:\program files\ludi and named LCpool.exe, LCBelote.exe, LCCoinche.exe, LCTarot.exe, etc

At the end of the plug-in installation - I don't see a window saying "Installation Successful"
This problem may relate to your firewall - please consult our firewall section.

I haven't found an answer to my question ?
If you have read our FAQ and not found an answer to your question - please complete the following form to contact our technical team. form.